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    An industry portal dedicated to Home Furnishing Textiles, Home Furnishing Textiles is an association of manufacturers and exporters of home furnishing exporters, cushion cover, curtains, carpets and durries, table linen and placemats from India

    Home Furnishing Textiles And made-Ups

    Home Furnishing Textiles And made-Ups Directory

    Shaoxing Xiezhong Import And Export Co. , Ltd

    Shaoxing / China

    Shaoxing Xiezhong Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional Supplier and exporter that is concerned with the design,development and production of Chiffon??? Oxford fabric...

    • Janney Cao

    • +86xxxxxxxxxxx

    • 11th Fl, Fortune Bldg, No. 1255 Jinkeqiao Road, Shaoxing City

      Shaoxing, China

    Korea Stock Fabrics

    Seoul / Korea

    We are supplying all kind of Fabric Stocks, Yarn Stocks, Wallpaper Stocks, Used Sewing Machines and other Stocks.

    • Mr Habeeb

    • +91xxxxxxxxxx

    • Duwon Do Seoul

      Seoul, Korea

    Av Garments

    Tirupur / India

    Ribneck trakshoot and etc....

    • Vicky Amar

    • 994xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • No. 6, 2nd Street, South Garden, Karuvampalayam

      Tirupur, India

    Azan Gloves Company

    Faisalabad / Pakistan

    Dear Sir,We would like to introduce our self, we have Leather Gloves, Working Gloves,cotton gloves manufacturing company, in Pakistan, we are Manufacturer & Exporter...

    • Miss Maria

    • 923xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • 1205 Sheikhupura Road Faisalabad

      Faisalabad, Pakistan

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